Bug zapper rackets – A new retail phenomenon

Bug zapper rackets – A new retail phenomenon

The conventional tree hanging bug zapper has always been an iconic indication of the summer season. Its signature look and accompanying telltale blue glow have been fixtures in American backyards for decades. For many, family parties from the backyard just would not be the same with no soft obligatory hum of a bug zapper gently buzzing in the background, and several bug zapper owners will tell you that the process of listening to the snap and crackle of sick faded insects lured to their doom appears to have a calming and reassuring effect on their wellbeing.

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However, in spite of its perennial popularity, recently the conventional zapper has witnessed a new competitor increase to challenge it is once seemingly unbreakable dominance in the realm of retail bug elimination solutions. This new insect weapon is a modern variant on the first zapper design that unites the entire identical bug zapping performance of the first tree hanging design, but comes rather in handy hand held form. The electric bug zapper racket has quickly become, quite simply, a retail phenomenon.

This popular insect killer seems very much like a conventional tennis racket, but the middle mesh is made from metal and becomes electrically charged when the device is powered on. These electrical rackets may be swung freely to zap insect’s right from the atmosphere, or used inside to snare crawling insects from the walls and toast them immediately. When compared to the usual tree hanging model, it is easy to why this new racket design is gaining traction in the US markets, since it offers several distinct benefits, but two that stand out above the rest. Find the Top 17 Best Bug Zappers [2018].

Portability: When juxtaposed against the first version, the racket is obviously a far more proactive weapon. Today you need not merely wait and hope insects encounter your zapper – you can go down them and take them out. Many bug zapper racket owners have found that the thrill of the hunt to be an authentic addictive new pastime.

Indoor Use: The racket design zappers are not merely an outdoor bug killing solution, they work equally well inside your dwelling. For people who prefer to keep a tidy home, smashing a fly or mosquito against the wall has always pained them as a necessary evil, since the end result often leaves a disagreeable black smear on the wall – and one that is full of germs also.

For those concerned about security, bug zapper racket makers are quick to point out that their products are high voltage, but low amperage, so that they pose no actual threat to people, even though a person should accidentally touch the electrified centre mesh while the racket is powered on. This is not to say, obviously, these rackets would not give you a good jolt in case you stuck your finger to the metal net, but there is not any chance of permanent or serious harm.

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