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What are the types of carpet material?

What are the types of carpet material?

Carpet is identified as the softest flooring material. It provides cushion able surfaces for the feet. To buy an effective and appropriate carpet, it is important to know more about the materials available. There are varieties which includes synthetic, fiber, wool and much more. The main element used in the carpet is yarn. They are sewed with the help of material that we choose. According to the lengthy and breadth, carpets can be designed.

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Types of materials;

  • Nylon fiber; they are under the characteristics of durable and stain observing. The cleaning procedure is so easy when you use nylon/ steam cleaning or your vacuum cleaner helps in maintaining the carpets.
  • Polyester fiber; the main advantage of this fiber is that, it is non allergic, they adopt with any type of skin. They are recycled from bottles and that helps in maintain eco friendly environment
  • Polypropylene fiber; this is same as nylon, they are made up of natural wool and this is self resistant since it involves fiber. home carpets singapore collects the dirt like oil and water
  • Wool fiber; these are the long lasting material and they are soft in nature. In addition to wool, they add synthetic fiber which absorbs heat absorbs heat during winter. They act according to the climate and weather condition. So flexible enough on observing oil and water resistant.
  • Loop pile; they are carpets which looks like pile leaves and the surface is engaged with pieces. They avoid food prints and vacuum marks. It gives new look appearance.