Reasons to use a local conveyancer

Reasons to use a local conveyancer

With Christmas and the New Year not a million miles away, conveyancers often find that January is a popular time for people making the big life decision to move home, after vowing never to drink alcohol again and to make use of their gym membership!

Once someone has settled on that life-changing decision, the next decision to follow closely behind is normally who to choose to do their conveyancing for them. As the internet controls many aspects of our lives, it would seem to make sense by starting there to search. However, don’t always assume that the online cheapest quote is the best choice. Yes, they may offer slashed fees from what your local solicitor charges but will you receive the same attention to detail and personalized service? Probably not.


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Buying and selling a property is most likely the biggest financial transaction most of us will make in or lives. Therefore, it doesn’t want to be left to chance. It’s important to find a conveyancer who is trustworthy and can help clients through the often-complicated legalities.

Experience is key

The cheaper the online quote, the more likely it is that the firm are using unqualified and with legal and local know-how. Conveyancing is not as straightforward as people think. Complex technical issues can arise during the process. If they do, it’s vital to have someone to help who has great technical expertise and previous experience.

Customer comes first

Online firms often pay referral fees to third parties. This can result in the interest of the customer not always being the top consideration. Access to a local conveyancer means the interests of the client should always be given top priority.

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You get what you pay for

A cheap quote will often mean clients are being dealt with by inexperienced staff with huge caseloads. They are highly unlikely to offer a personalized and bespoke service. It’s also important to be aware that the low quotes might involve additional fees being added on further along the process. A respected local conveyancer will provide a full fee upfront which is normally adhered to even when the process takes longer than expected. Find Conveyancing Solicitors London with the help of a site like Sam Conveyancing, putting you in touch with Conveyancing Solicitors London.


Particularly for first time buyers, the conveyancing process can seem very daunting and stressful. As such, it is better for them to have a conveyancer who is accessible, approachable and ideally, able to be met face-to-face. Questions, queries and concerns can be dealt with quickly, putting the client at ease.

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