Santa is Snug

Santa is Snug

Imagine being in the North Pole, watching hundreds of elves happily making all the toys, ready to be delivered by Santa on Christmas Day. Snow is falling and icicles have formed on the wooden cottages doors and windows. While Santa waits for his sleigh to be readied, he would be warming his toes in front of a stove, surrounded by candy canes and gingerbread men. When you picture the home of Santa, you don’t imagine central heating but a real fire fuelled by chopped wood.

The North Pole is the northern most region of the northern hemisphere and one of the coldest places on earth. The average winter temperature is –29 degrees and along with reindeer, Santa will also have to deal with polar bears and arctic foxes. Santa’s Village is a magical place, full of cottages where the elves live and the whole place smells like Christmas cookies!

This is how Santa keeps warm and how lovely it would be if you could too. There is nothing that says a cosy, warm festive home than a wood firm. You don’t have to live in a country house as a DEFRA approved appliance means you can enjoy a real fire even if you live in a town or city. With so many visits to make during the early hours of Christmas Day, Santa surely would appreciate warming up between houses with a traditional fire like the one he enjoys at home.


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There are a few things that you should consider when considering a wood burning stove just like Santa. Stoves are normally used to heat just one room but it can be attached to your central heating system to heat other parts of the house too.  Stoves can take some time to light so will you be around to light the fire and clean the ash away, as unfortunately not many of us have a horde of elves to do our bidding. You’ll also need plenty of space for storing fuel, especially if you’ll be using logs. It will have to be a dry area. Maybe Santa stores his in with the reindeer?  Being that Santa lives in the Northpole he really does need to keep warm so another feature santa has gone for is windows from a Double Glazing in Gloucester from such as

Check out how convenient it will be to order from a local supplier as it would be easier to have a supplier close to where you live. This is not a problem for Santa, what with all those pine and fir trees available to him.

The size of stove will be determined by the size of the room you want to put it in, the layout, the size of the windows and whether you have any insulation or not. If you get a stove that’s too big, you might overheat the room and need to open the windows and running it at a low temperature will create more tar and smoke and be much less efficient. If in doubt, always seek the advice of a professional.

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