Short top recognition of Desmond Teo Yen Koon

Short top recognition of Desmond Teo Yen Koon

Dr. Teo Yen Koon is a Singaporean Entrepreneur. He is also an Investor and Humanitarian. He changed into born on may additionally 1978 in Singapore. Initially, he becomes an air force officer and later, he has become an entrepreneur. Inside some years, his corporation becomes multiplied to Southeast Asia and more China. He constantly desired to give back to society, so sold his installed commercial enterprise and returned to Singapore. There he installation a consultancy employer and shared his beyond experience with young entrepreneurs.


In December 2014, he based a cellular sport publishing and mobile marketing agency TOKEN with the partners of the same mindset. This enterprise has swiftly grown for the duration of Asia.Dr. Teo Yen Koon helps a big number of charitable sports in Thailand. He additionally promised to provide annual contributions to many charitable businesses in Cambodia and Nepal.  He works for others selflessly and actively participated in both neighborhood and overseas charity works. Additionally, they donated columbarium to folks who cannot have enough money. These are the little of life Desmond Teo Yen Koon Journey

His Contribution to Humanity

Dr. Teo Yen Koon supports some of the charitable activities in Thailand which include donations to Mealanoi Ladonsic faculty, Measaleng School located in Mae Hong Son province or Maehongsorn, Northern Province of Thailand. As get entry to of easy water is of paramount significance in rural areas, Dr. Teo Yen Koon bought New Water filter out for youngsters in Wattanchatchor School, Angthong.

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